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Dr. Sedicka Laskery

Description of practice:


As an Integrative Medicine Specialist, Dr. Laskery focuses on using integrated holistic preventative and creative supportive therapeutic interventions to assist with the healing of medical conditions and prevention thereof to optimise and reach higher levels of healing and optimum balance.




  • Undergraduate in MBCHB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree) at Stellenbosch University.

  • Postgraduate training in Integrative Functional Medicine  via Dr. Bernard Brom (Affiliated with University of Stellenbosch)

  • Active member of SASIM (South African Society of Integrative Medicine)


  • Groote Schuur Hospital in all departments of health and day hospitals.

  • Mitchell's Plain District Hospital in internal medicine.

  • Red Cross in paediatric medicine and emergency care and Locumming (allowed me to experience a wide range of work environments or specialisation fields which a permanent employee may not encounter).


My change to Integrative medicine started with the inner contemplating of wanting better value in patient satisfaction and as a practitioner doing work that improve holistic wellbeing. It stemmed from the understanding that nutrition is the bases of health and certainly with every illness is a cure. This development of great passion with grew fast and my journey to explore how to conquer this huge hunger for knowledge and contentment to serve mankind purely, became a serious goal directed purpose.


Subsequently l did postgraduate studies in integrative medicine and then opened practice. With that said the scope is huge and my ultimate goal is merging with my western conventional medicine degree and now added integrative medicine speciality (achieved already), is to superspecialise in Prophetic and Tibb Medicine. So taking it to another level! Its makes it absolutely great and I have so much gratitude for the guidance in this direction! I simply love what I do and put in my heart and soul. I have lots of long term and short term goals and I have already incorporated some aspects of Tibb into my practice.


As an Integrative Medicine specialist I strive to empower as many people  into approaching their health in the correct manner and away from the 'Disease paradigm 'old school of  thought of the medical field i.e. conventional medicine to dealing directly with the causative agents involved in dysfunctions within the biopsychosocial spiritual human being. So I use platforms to make society at large aware of their current state of health in a very holistic and integrated approach as a practitioner.


I am well aware of the high burden of chronic diseases of lifestyle and its impact on activities of daily living in people’s lives which indirectly and directly negatively impact on the performance at their workplace and more so on their personal health to a larger extent.


Hence, this is why I passionately approach all kinds of wellness related organisations (and the corporate world amongst other workplace environments) to allow me the opportunity to assist them (employees) to gain a better understanding of a proper outlook to their current health status so as to take the initiative to actively want a healthier balanced lifestyle through preventative and holistic healing and away from diseases. Supporting the innate human beings intelligence with natural safe and appropriate supportive modalities that bring about optimising your healing and health level internally to greater heights.


It requires a certain structured approach to deal holistically to every bio-individual. So this is one of the endeavours I’m trying to do i.e. empowerment to society in various environmental situations they find themselves, e.g. I also chat at runners clubs to get those that are trying to make a positive change educated holistically and creating an awareness of nutrition as an example.


Amongst the modalities I use in practice is coherent laser therapy which is used medically for all spectrums of conditions including skin care, stress management, chronic joint pain or sport injuries etc. It's very versatile! Neuromuscular stimulation, natural remedies with extensive supplementation in the appropriate strategic manner, removal of allopathic medication and replacing with natural medicines if needed i.e. if the foundational lifestyle changes that I begin all consultation with i.e. nutritional eating plans, exercise, stress management etc. isn’t sufficient enough. Of course a lot of thought and use of my medical knowledge goes into all treatment plans. Having the degree as a GP and now specialised in integrative medicine is the best foundation to a practice in health.

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