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About Integrative Creative Wellness (ICW)

Introduction to Integrative Creative Wellness (ICW)


As an Integrative Medicine Specialist, I focus on using integrated holistic preventative and creative supportive therapeutic interventions to assist with the healing of any current medical conditions you may have and prevention thereof to optimise your health. I bring about support to your very unique intelligent human body via assisting its complex and absolutely remarkable ability to self- heal and prevent the onset of diseases from manifesting in a way that I provide the best possible "building blocks" to reach and promote good health.


I do this through a very dynamic holistic approach. Remember, you are a human being that actually is more than just a mere physical body but is in fact a miraculous creation comprising of this interwoven complexity of dimensions I.e. biopsychosocial spiritual being with great consciousness that resonates with this energy producing information which in turn emits an enormity of light from your heart!


All of these dimensions culminate into this beautiful human being who then cannot possibly be seen in an isolated manner of each of these dimensions. Hence, therefore practically as an Integrated Medicine Specialist I acknowledge treating health as isolated entities in each organ system specifically would be incorrect but rather as a whole body with all aspects addressed appropriately. This is what I call "Cultivating whole body wellness".


This can only hence be achieved by a very integrated holistic approach which needs to be appreciated as the tool to proper health and vitality, moving away from the disease paradigm to understanding the true dysfunctions occurring internally. This is ultimately as a result of a multiplicity of causes. No single discipline in the medical world can fully grasp the rich texture of a complex reality but to embrace holism.


Your being is a self-healing creation which maintains balance and harmony that does so by functioning as a whole!


So, take the step forward now into a holistic healthy and vibrant life without diseases.


Cultivating a balanced living!

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